Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TECHNOLOGY: The Case for Precaution in the Use of Cell Phones

By Giselle Figueras
Miami- Is there room to pause and think whether or not use of cell-phones may cause cancer? While the date is still recent and too scant to conclusive answer that question in the affirmative, the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Center for Environmental Oncology think there is.

Not to frighten anyone-- and not that it will stop anyone from using their cell-phones-- but the Center's findings is a good source of information for anyone interested in this topic; a topic that has not received the attention it deserves in the news media. If anything, being aware of any breakthroughs in this field of research might make some of us moderate, even if slight, our total reliance and dependence on cell-phones.

There is, of course, no room to panic.

But as the Center's own conclusion make clear: "We, the users, must all take precautionary measures in view of recent scientific data on the biological effects of cell phone use, especially those who already have cancer."

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Anonymous said...

Similar to what was said about microwaves when they became popular. I grew up on frozen foods, and I have yet to be radioactive.