Friday, July 25, 2008

ECONOMY: Jobs that are growing fast, and pay

If you're like the vast majority of us, you're always looking to make more money or find a job that pays more. Despite the current economic depression, there are still some jobs that are growing fast or faster than the national average. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2008-2009 Occupational Outlook Handbook, I put together a listing of the top 20 jobs which is below.

So, don't despair. Keep looking. There's still time to finally make that career change--a forensic science technician, perhaps?

1. Network systems and data communications analysts
Job Description: Ensure the quality of network systems at various stages, from their creation through their maintenance.
Average Salary:$64,600

2. Computer software engineers, applications
Job Description: Maintain and develop computer programs and software applications based on customer needs for businesses.
Average Salary: $79,780

3. Personal financial advisers
Job Description: Work with clients to help them understand the state of their finances and the best course of action for them to take through investments and budgets.
Average Salary: $66,120

4. Makeup artists, theatrical and performance
Job Description: Help performers look the part of their roles with the right application of makeup.
Average Salary:$31,820

5. Veterinarians
Job Description: Provide health care for animals in all settings, whether they are a family pet or belong to the zoo.
Average Salary: $71,990

6. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors
Job Description: Work with individuals to examine their history of abuse or addiction and educations them in preventative practices.
Average Salary: $34,040

7. Financial analysts
Job Description: Help their clients, both business and individuals, decide which investment opportunities are more appropriate for their needs.
Average Salary: $66,590

8. Child, family, and school social workers
Job Description: Ensure the health and well-being of children in home and school life by checking on the quality of life their families provide.
Average Salary: $37,480

9. Gaming surveillance officers and gaming investigators

Job Description: Serve as security to prevent cheating in casinos and to maintain the safety of both the patrons and the employees.
Average Salary: $27,130

10. Physical therapist assistants
Job Description: Help physical therapists administer various therapeutic exercises and activities and document the results.
Average Salary: $41,360

11. Forensic science technicians

Job Description: Use evidence they've collected from crime scenes and other locales in order to solve investigations.
Average Salary: $45,330

12. Dental hygienists
Perform some minor procedures and prepare patients for their consultation with a dentist. Average Salary: $62,800

13. Mental health counselors
Job Description: Work with patients both one on one and in groups to help manage addiction, mood disorders and a variety of other health issues.
Average Salary: $34,380

14. Mental health and substance abuse social workers
Job Description: Help people with a history of substance abuse overcome and handle their addictions through various means, including therapy.
Average Salary: $35,410

15. Marriage and family therapists

Job Description: Help couples and families identify and overcome mental and emotional conflicts.
Average Salary: $43,210

16. Dental assistants
Job Description: Under the supervision of a dentist, carry out some clerical, lab and patient tasks.
Average Salary: $30,220

17. Computer systems analysts

Job Description: Learn about new technologies and decide which ones best suit an organization and how to integrate them.
Average Salary:$69,760

18. Database administrators
Job Description: Maintain computer databases with the use of software and also update databases as needed.
Average Salary: $64,670

19. Computer software engineers, systems software
Job Description: Manage a company's computer systems and can be involved from the planning stage through its daily maintenance.
Average Salary: $85,370

20. Gaming managers
Job Description: Oversee the daily activities of a casino.
Average Salary: $62,820

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2008-2009 Occupational Outlook Handbook

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