Thursday, July 24, 2008

CULTURE: What is generation ñ?

New York- For those who will read this yet still won't know what it's about, I guess that a little translation and background information is due.

Generation ñ is comprised of second or third generation Cuban-Americans who are very much linked to their past roots in Cuba, but who are also fully Americans, and who can careless about Cuba. The following description is right out of the ñ web. And you thought that Generation X had a monopoly on the alphabet soup!

From the Generation ñ web...

"It's loving Star Wars and yet growing up with your abuela's novelas. Intimate knowledge of the musical catalog of both U2 and Celia Cruz. It's a space where your Latin heritage influences your choices but doesn't define you.

We're bound by an appreciation of things that are good. If they happen to be Latin, great. If not, great.

We are the folks for whom being Latino has never been a chore. Not trapped between two identities, we embrace our roots while enjoying our American identity with fervor. Buying into the American dream in every broadband, Blu Ray, HD kinda way. Rather than feel divided, we're feelin' kinda doubled.

So as a channel, it's unique entertainment that appeals to Latinos as a niche market that varies from city to city.

The Mexican American experience in LA has different interests and turn-ons than that of NYC's Newyorican, Dominicano swing and Miami's melting pot of Cuban, Argentinian, Nicaraguan, Colombiano, etc.. has it's own vibe. It ain't a big 'ol Hispanic monolith, it's a buncha little markets that require a bit'o care to reach.

So later on, it'll reach San Antonio where generation ñ has lived for 100 years. And then everywhere else from Peru to Chicago where Latin interest stuff needs a filter and a way to get hip.

There will be written content, from the archives of the magazine and new stuff too. There'll be merchandise, and indie films which we're going to distribute by helping content reach it's target market. There'll be all manner of sexy web ephemera.

After all, This is Latino 2.0

Welcome to the Latin thing, but with more cowbell."

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