Monday, July 28, 2008

SPORTS: Pictures speak louder than words

by Elisa Harrison
Fort Lauderdale-- For all of you boxing aficionados, the following link has a very interesting sequence of pictures from last Saturday's war between welterweight challenger Antonio Margarito and WBA champion Miguel Cotto. The fight resulted in an 11th round TKO victory for Antonio 'The Tijuana Tornado" Margarito who punished Cotto into submission, handing him the first defeat of his professional career. The Mexican vs Puerto Rico rivalry is alive and well, folks...

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Anonymous said...

Boxing was always about nationality, class and status. I never looked at it from a "sports" point-of-view. Most of the time it was a match between poor kids who pulled themselves up from their own bootstraps and have tried to gain some recognition, even through a very bloody sports. Unfortunately, boxers haven't been very good role models. Perhaps the pathology of growing up with so many problems affects them even when they make it BIG.