Sunday, August 10, 2008

Radical Right Warns McCain: No Moderates For VP... Or Else

"This week there have been a flurry of rumors about McCain picking a moderate as his running mate. Florida's closeted gay governor, Charlie Crist (recently engaged to his beard) is so interested in being VP that he abandoned his "live-and-let-live" approach that has endeared him to moderate Floridians and come out in favor of the homophobic Amendment 2. Right-wing poobahs went nuts a few days ago when it was rumored that McCain was considering former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge. But both those "trial balloons"-- like Obama's dangling of Tom Kaine and Evan Bayh-- are just to titillate the starving, ravenous media-- and please local voters.
"Still, in the midst of the body slam McCain took today from the Greed and Selfishness portion of the party (see below), the GOP extremists who control much of the party's actual base have quietly told him that if he picks a moderate he can kiss the base bye-bye..."


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Anonymous said...

Another well known politician who is a closet case pretending to be straight? NAH!!!!!!!!!!!

I got one word for people like him: HYPOCRITE. Of course this is a nation of hypocrites.