Monday, August 4, 2008

Oprah cheating on Stedman? the rumor that just won't die

Rumor has it that Stedman Graham stormed out on Oprah Winfrey in a jealous rage after she allegedly ditched him to go on a romantic vacation with another man, Patricia Shipp reported for The National Enquirer.

We reported the story when it first broke out, but assumed that it was probably just a rumor. However, an insider of the Winfrey circle told the tabloid, "He can't understand how she could go off with another man after all they've been through together. Stedman is outraged."

Are any of this rumors even true? It's hard to say considering that neither one of the actors are denying nor confirming the rumors. But, whatever the full story is, stay tune.

The Insider has a detailed page devoted just to Oprah Winfrey. You may want to catch up on your Winfrey 101 by logging in to:

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Anonymous said...

Oprah is a monumental icon. She may not be perfect and she's rich, VERY RICH, but she means well and she's a lot for people worldwide. Give her some breathing space.