Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mark Twain’s Thoughts on 3 Topics You’d Rather Not Discuss

"What’s an inherent trait that we all cherish in our lives? It’s our freedom of expression. Our life trajectory is guided by our innate desire to speak what lies deep in our heart. Our actions are fueled by the righteous causes that inspire us to seek freedom and justice for all that we do.

"Have you ever crucified your inner voice that intrigued your mind to write about topics that most of us fear the most? Have you ever felt the skirmish between your passionate mind and the shrill sound of opposition from your heart when you tried to speak about politics with friends with whom you share most other things about life? We all have.

"The stigma of an outward freedom of expression for topics that impact our lives comes from our feeble reasoning to remain likable to those who may oppose our views. We constantly engage ourselves in a mental chatter to abstain from topics that we love to speak about at length with our alter ego — politics, religion, our principles and our happiness - yet remain silent once we step out of our house."

FOR FULL ARTICLE: http://www.successsoul.com/2008/08/11/mark-twains-thoughts-on-3-topics-youd-rather-not-discuss/

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