Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 OLYMPICS: Men's gymnastics takes Bronze

BEIJING (Aug. 12) - China has the Olympic title it has long craved and everyone else expected. The Americans, meanwhile, won the bronze with a roster patched together at the last minute when not one, but both Hamm brothers were knocked out with injuries.

"They told me, `We succeeded. We are the world champions.' I told them we reached our target," coach Huang Yubin said. "Other teams were good, but we were better. We performed perfect today. Everyone was excellent."

The Chinese began celebrating even before their last event, high bar, was finished. When little Zou Kai's feet hit the mat with a thud, his teammates jumped up and down.

FOR FULL ARTICLE: http://sports.aol.com/olympics/story/_a/bbdp/undermanned-us-gymnasts-take-bronze/128796?icid=200100397x1207328982x1200395872

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