Friday, August 1, 2008

MOVIES AND MUSIC: Ten Rapper Acting Performances That Don’t Suck

Hollywood usually does a terrible job when it wants to do films about very ethnocentric issues. I can think of the terrible Latino movies Hollywood has produced in the last decades. Does anyone remember The Perez Family, about Cubans during the Mariel boat-lift in the early 1980's, when there wasn't even one Cuban performer in it! The Perez attempt was good one, but it bombed nonetheless because it was off-mark completely; did I say one-dimensional and biased?

Well, Josh Radde has written an article akin to my feelings about a similar subject, but about some of the best movies Hollywood has produced about rappers. Perhaps the reason these movies are better than average is due to the fact that rappers themselves had some advisory, production or executive say in the overall production.

As for me, I'm still waiting for that Hollywood production about Latinos where the actors don't all sound like Ricky Ricardo or the plot is about immigrants trying to marry American citizens in order to get a "green-card."

Posted by Josh Radde (
August 1, 2008

"If a List of 10 Rap Artists that crossed over into film with varying degrees of success doesn’t seem timely, it should, because a movie about hardcore rappers came out just last Friday: Step Brothers.

"Actually, we’re doing this list in honor of Ice Cube’s film The Longshots, about a young girl playing Pop Warner football. The film is also directed by rap-rocker Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit, so we thought we’d do it all for the nookie and make ourselves a quaint little list for you FSR Rap Junkies who just KEEP INSISTING it get made. There, you can stop emailing us about it.

"Arbitrary Rule: Each role must’ve occurred when each actor/actress was still primarily considered a rapper, so something like LL Cool J in Any Given Sunday would not count, but something like Cool in Toys does."


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