Monday, March 23, 2009

Jade Goody, reality TV star, dies.

Reality TV star Jade Goody, 27, died of cervical cancer on Sunday. Goody's battle with cancer garnered much media attention after she was diagnosed while filming 'Celebrity Big Brother'. She underwent cancer treatment, including chemotherapy and surgery, in the public eye and on film.

Other obituaries in the news include George Weber, a longtime radio reporter, and three Oakland police officers. Weber, 47, was found stabbed to death in his New York City apartment on Sunday. In California, Lovelle Mixon, 26, shot four Oakland police officers during a routine traffic stop on Saturday. Authorities believe Mixon, a parolee, began the the bloodiest shoot out in California's history because he was afraid of returning to jail.

Sports fans got quite a show over the weekend. NASCAR fans saw Kyle Busch win at Bristol and Denny Hamlin took second place. With March Madness underway, basketball is on everyone's mind.

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