Saturday, March 21, 2009

iTunes Store HD Movies Don’t Play on My Monitor: Solutions

Yesterday, Apple announced that the iTunes Store was now selling $20 high-definition movies for viewing on a computer, as well as renting computer-ready versions for $4-$5 in the same way that it has been through the Apple TV. In an impressive, though space-consuming feat, Apple provides users with both a high-definition video for computer and Apple TV use, as well as one that’s lower-resolution and capable of being played on your iPod or iPhone. The test video we downloaded, Punisher: War Zone, came in a 3.09GB, 1280x532 file, as well as a DVD-quality 1.15GB, 853x354 version. Unfortunately, the HD version refused to play back from a current-model MacBook through a high-definition external monitor—even an Apple Cinema Display.


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Anonymous said...

Don't like itunes, too many problems.